Fru Ndi urges Biya to get involved in the management of the Anglophone crisis 0

The National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, NI John FRU NDI has urged the 83 year-old Paul Biya to intervene in the ongoing crisis rocking the two English Speaking regions of Cameroon.

Fru Ndi who was invited at the Unity Palace Wednesday February 8, 2017 in the reception ceremony for the Lions after their brilliant performance at the just ended African Cup of Nation, said it was time for the president to act fast and wisely by resolving the problem once and for all.

Asked what he discussed with Paul Biya during the handshake, John Fru NDI said, “I told Mr Biya, please can you step in and take a position yourself on what is happening.”

According to the Chairman, there are cases of gross human rights violation in the two regions with arbitrary arrest and torture, “The Lions age mates are being shot in the North West and North West. Teachers are being caught and locked up. They are arresting people and extorting money out of them. Ninjas have come with Camouflage and they are going around arresting people and intimidating them.”

The firebrand Chairman also met with some Government Ministers at the Unity Palace and without mincing words said, “I talked to Issa Tchiroma  Bakary over there and told him that he should not talk about things he does not know, he cannot stand to say that there is no Anglophone problem and he cannot be saying anyone who talks about Federation will be arrested and locked up.”

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