Gabon: Ali Bongo inauguration to be held tomorrow in Libreville 0

The inauguration of the re-elected President of Gabon, Ali Bongo will be held on Tuesday in Libreville. Ali Bongo’s victory in the presidential election of August 27 has been confirmed by the Constitutional Court after a recount of polling station by polling station overseen by representatives of the African Union.
Bongo will be invested for second seven-year term as head of Gabon at a ceremony whose details have still not been made public.
The losing candidate Jean Ping, who has not accepted defeat nor responded positively to Ali Bongo calls for dialogue and peace, received on Monday afternoon at his Libreville residence, diplomats accredited in Gabon. They were bearers of peace and dialogue messages from the victorious camp. The international community had already advised Jean Ping and his camp to use constitutional remedies to challenge the defeat rather than calling for violence.

By Chi Prudence Asong