Gabon: France moving away from Jean Ping 0

“It would be better to accept dialogue with President Bongo for an honorable exit” This was the last statement on the Gabonese situation from visiting French Prime Minister in Abidjan.  Manuel Valls has made the French position clearer after a failed French attempt to oust President Ali Bongo.

In an interview with the French state media Radio France Internationale, Prime Minister Manuel Valls explained that his country had recognized the results of the Gabonese presidential elections and opted for dialogue initiated by President Ali Bongo. Said the prime minister “I would say it simply: France had recognized the results of the election. There is a president, there will be parliamentary elections.”

It now remains to be seen whether this reversal of the French position on Gabon will be enough to calm down the happenings in Libreville.

By Chi Prudence Asong