Gabon: President Ali Bongo’s birth certificate generates another political crisis 0

The opposition is working towards a coalition to have incumbent President Ali Bongo disqualified from running for the presidency. Casimir Oyé Mba, the candidate of the National Union (UN) party in the August 27, 2016  presidential election in Gabon is determined to ensure that incumbent  President Ali Bongo is disqualified from standing for the second term of office in the election.  This is because he claims that Ali Bongo has acquired the Gabonese nationality which in accordance with Article 10 of the Constitution prohibits him from running for the presidency, RI reported.

In an interview over RFI, Sunday, June 12, 2016, Mr Oyé  Mba called on all other candidates to form an alliance to ensure that Ali Bongo’s candidature is rejected.  Before the interview, he had challenged Ali Bongo, to defend before the two Houses of Parliament (Senate and National Assembly) his multiple birth certificates. He claims that Ali Bongo is not constitutionally qualified to run for the presidency of Gabon. Speaking during a press conference, he said Ali Bongo cannot delegate the powers to any other person to answer questions concerning his birth certificate saga.

In response to the claim by Oyé Mba, President Ali Bongo’s lawyer, Claude Dumont declared that the debate over the President’s birth certificate was over, RFI reported. The lawyer said justice should be allowed to take its course, assuring that the case concerning the civil status of Ali Bongo will be declared baseless and consequently null and void.  The lawyer said they were waiting for the opposition to bring proves of their claims.


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