Gabon: Wheel-chaired President Bongo back in Morocco hospital 0

The Gabonese head of state has returned to Morocco to continue his recovery after presiding the swearing of his new government.

President Ali Bongo who suffered a massive stroke during a trip to Saudi Arabia did not offer a word during the ceremony in Libreville. Cameroon Concord News learnt that Bongo left Libreville on Tuesday night for Rabat, where he had been staying for some time, to continue his convalescence.

As required by the constitution, the Gabonese number one had returned home after two months of absence to take part in the ceremony of swearing of members of the new government led by Julien Nkoghé Békalé.

The event was not broadcasted live because Bongo could hardly walk or speak, but a video showed the President nailed on a wheelchair. The release is the first in his native Gabon since his hospitalization in Saudi Arabia.

Some young soldiers attempted unsuccessfully to oust the dictator on January 7, judging him unable to hold the reins of the country.

By Pierre Onana