GCE 2017: La Republique’s continuing academic genocide on Southern Cameroonians 0

The GCE Board is currently organizing a special session of the Ordinary level 2017 examination at Franky Comprehensive Secondary School where GCE scripts were allegedly stolen by thieves. Cameroon Concord News gathered from sources at the school that the re-staging of the examination was authorized by the so-called Board Registrar, Humphrey Monono.

The massacre is continuing as candidates were seen at the school campus rewriting the papers that were ‘ stolen’. Ever since the incident, there has not been any police investigation to determine which of the papers were carried away and no arrest on the issue.

Correction of the GCE scripts is presently going on in Buea and Yaounde and questions are now being asked on when the Franky Comprehensive School candidates will finish writing and also if examiners will be recalled from their homes to mark this new version of the CPDM GCE.

Controversy has also erupted on who set the questions and cat calls have greeted the whole scenario with some Anglophone parents saying that Humphrey Monono and his gang should accept that the organization of the 2017 GCE has been a complete and total fiasco.

By Sama Ernest
Cameroon Concord News