General Meka says Amba fighters fully offensive 0

French Cameroun army chief General Rene Meka has reportedly told a national security forum in Yaoundé chaired by President Biya that the Southern Cameroons Self Defense Forces were developing a fully offensive mode that will eventually enhance their tactical and operational performance.

General Meka who travelled to Buea and Bamenda recently has been quoted as saying that the regime in Yaounde should seek a different approach towards ending the war in Southern Cameroons. We gathered from a well placed source that General Meka suggested an increase in French Cameroun military operations in Ambazonia rural areas.

With age telling on him, the French Cameroun army chief remains committed to a military solution to the crisis and he revealed on state radio and television that he plans to stage an all-out and multi-layer strikes against Ambazonia Self Defense positions in Bui, Menchum, Manyu and Lebialem including Kupe Munenguba.

State television aired images showing Rene Meka’s visit to Southern Cameroons.

By Rita Akana