Genocide in Ambazonia: French Cameroun hears echoes of anti-Southern Cameroons hate speech 0

The catalyst that heralded a genocide in Rwanda in 1994 that left more than 800,000 people dead was hate speech against the Tutsi minority spread by Hutu extremists via mass media, radio stations in particular. This has started building up in French Cameroun with a prominent Francophone journalist calling on the Francophone dominated army to carry out an extermination campaign in Southern Cameroons.

Francophone media gurus have reportedly painted Southern Cameroonians as “rats” and “cockroaches” and there has been no strong condemnation from the French Cameroun political elites. Southern Cameroonians are now been depicted as foreigners “ Biafra” who hail from the Federal Republic of Nigeria and therefore have to be eliminated. Radio stations are also being used to preach the so-called French Cameroun supremacy- a real guide to racial hatred.

In his recent message to the French Cameroun army, the renowned Francophone journalist, Thierry Mbouli posted on his Face Book page that the army should seal the Southern Cameroons border with Nigeria and killed everyone including 6 months old babies. He described Southern Cameronians as sheep and pigs not worth any existence. By some strange happenstance, no one within the National Communications Council has raised a finger against the buildup towards a genocide.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai, CCN