German ambassador to Cameroon says over 200,000 Cameroonians studying in Germany 0

“Today, I am happy to be in Cameroon, a country in which Germany has a long history of cooperation and friendship. This is marked by understanding, profound relations of over 100 years, and cooperation largely appreciated by the government and people of Germany. German Ambassador to Cameroon, His Excellency Dr. Hans-Dieter Stell, disclosed this in Douala on October 6, 2016, during the 26th unification of Germany.

Among those present at the event were Cameroonian authorities in the Littoral Region, prelates, German university alumni, economic partners and representatives of diplomatic missions. The Ambassador noted that about 7,000 Cameroonians have so far studied in Germany, the largest in Africa. Currently, there are over 200,000 Cameroonians studying in Germany, the diplomat disclosed.

Friendly relations between Cameroon and Germany cover many sectors and essential areas such as decentralisation and good governance, environment, health, rural development, as well as military cooperation within the framework of the war against Boko Haram. Cameroon on her part, he pointed out, should focus on processing agricultural products to boost exports to Germany and Europe in general for maximum profitability and trade equilibrium. Some Germans at the event said they were celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the advent of the Unitary State.

The defunct West and East Germany separated after World War II and only reunited in 1990. To others, it was celebrating the quest for liberty of the men and women of East Germany against their autocratic government.

Cameroon Tribune