German MP says the colour of a man’s skin and his country of origin are of no significance 0

Arno Klare is a senior MP in the German parliament from the Social Democratic Party, SPD. He hails from the Mulheim/Essen-Borbeck constituency and was very instrumental in achieving the historic Paris Climate Agreement. He has been a long standing supporter of renewable source of energy and favours the complete integration of migrants into the German society.

Hon. Arno Klare’s constituency comprises the city of Mulheim an der Ruhr and the Essen city district IV with boroughs Borbeck, Dellwig, Frintrop, Schonebeck, Bedinggrade, Bochold, Gerschede and Bergeborbeck.

He has been on the campaign trail getting in contact with citizens, with associations and local interest groups and companies. Arno Klare has developed a reputation as a politician who can find out what voters are privately discussing during election periods. And he is well known for his sharp and skillful answers to journalists- a skill he showcased in his recent conversation with our editor-in-chief, Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai.

CCN: Hon. Klare, Elections are on Sunday and voting has started. Members of many ethnic minority communities are interested in the Social Democratic Party, SPD and they want to know who Arno Klare is

Hon. Arno Klare: My name is Arno Klare and I am 65 years old. I was born in this region. My roots are here in this region. I studied German Language, Literature and Philosophy forty years ago. I am a Member of Parliament and currently serving in the following committees: Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Green Energy; moving from Coal and Oil to Wind and Solar and the European Union Affairs Committee.

CCN: Hon. Arno Klare, you are seeking another mandate. Many migrant communities in Mulheim and Essen Borbeck who are of course German citizens identify with your party, the SPD. What message are you carrying across to make them come out and vote?

Hon. Arno Klare: The Social Democratic Party is the oldest party in Europe and the philosophy of the party is freedom, solidarity and justice. Social Democrats are well implanted all over the world. Our genuine principles since a hundred and fifty-three years ago are currently being implemented today. Our greatest goal now is making sure everyone in this country has a good job and above all, a good pension when he or she retires. We are also working hard to stop pollution and encourage green mobility which is sustainable transportation that allows the basic access needs of individuals and societies to be met safely and in a manner consistent with human and eco-system health, and with equity within and between generations. We of the Social Democratic Party, SPD have placed all of this in accordance and fulfilment of the stipulations of the Paris Climate Agreement.

CCN: Hon. Klare, many potential voters largely within the minorities’ resident in your constituency are confused with the propaganda materials put out there by other political parties such as the Christian Democrats, CDU and the Green Party. What is SPD offering different from the other parties?

Hon. Arno Klare: We have one hundred different nationalities living here in Mulheim. Our opponents think that this is a problem. However, we of SPD feel that it offers a vast opportunity for the future. That is the main difference.

CCN: If SPD wins the general elections and Herr Martin Schulz becomes the new German Chancellor, do you intend to take up a cabinet position in government?

Hon. Arno Klare: (Laughs) No, No, I want to remain as a Member of Parliament not of the government.

CCN: When one goes around Mulheim and Essen-Borbeck, the members of the African-German community speak well of you. They say when they invite you for their events, you are always there to advise them and to direct them on how to integrate and be good and productive citizens! Why this so much interest in the African community?

Hon. Arno Klare: I think all men are equal irrespective of their colour. They are all citizens of this great country and they are welcome. That is why we meet face-to-face and discuss the way forwards for our constituency. People that want that the country should be an open country, a country of tolerance, a country where justice prevails and where the colour of a man’s skin and his country of origin are of no significance should go and vote for SPD.

CCN: Herr Arno Klare, Cameroon Concord News bedankt sich bei Ihnen.