Getting married in the City of Coventry makes a special day even more significant 0

Music floated from the Chapel, as the final preparations were made for a busy day of a historic wedding celebration that had His Lordship Bishop Emmanuel Bibi as chief celebrant. All the planning such as finding the venue, sending out invitations, checking out Winnie Couture franchise opportunities to find the dress of your dreams and choosing bridesmaids all paid off as the big day finally arrived!

It was that of ex-military officer Albert Angafor who recently graduated from the University of Coventry and his wife Viola Fechu. Viola wore a beautifully embroidered dress while Albert had a suit that shined brightly in the summer sun.

Speaking to Cameroon Concord News Group, Viola revealed that she didn’t want a big bouquet and instead opted for a simple option. Albert and Viola milled around the crowd before the wedding started and chatted to those who made the journey to celebrate their commitment to each other.

The Eucharistic celebration held at St Mary and Benedict Church Coventry with hundreds of family members and friends from all the nooks and crannies of the UK including US, Mainland Europe and Cameroon. Both Albert and Viola are originally from Mile One, Up station in Bamenda, in Southern Cameroons.

By Honorine Akenji in Coventry