Giant lie about Eseka train disaster: Name of Roman Catholic priest not on list of victims 0

The name of the Italian Roman Catholic priest, Carlo Girola who died in the Eseka train accident is not on the list published by the regime in Yaounde. Relatives of the deceased priest also believe that Camrail and the ruling CPDM crime syndicate are maintaining a kind of vagueness on the number of victims and dividing the families so that they cannot meet and form a bloc to challenge the government.

The announcement of the death of Father Carlo Girola, Parish priest of Oyom-Abang in Yaounde, had caused consternation among the parishioners. Four months after the tragedy, the members of Oyom-Abang community say they do not understand the attitude of the Government. The Roman Catholics of this community say they are shocked by the will of the authorities to keep a blur around the drama. According to them, no official information has been disclosed regarding the progress of the investigation.

Rev. Father Angeel, the current Parish priest was quoted as saying that “We can see that the government is maintaining a deliberate silence so that the grieving families forget that an investigation was commissioned.” Father Angeel further added that “We do not understand how a government reported 78 deaths, but when we identified the body of our brother, he was numbered 121. And when we went to Camrail with the death certificate, we were surprised to find that his name was not on the list of victims.”

According to Rev. Father Angeel, the greatest regret today is mostly the fact of not having recovered the personal belongings of Father Carlo Girola. “He was the accountant of our community and he had his laptop on him that contained all the financial data of the community.” “However, a few days after the tragedy, I called the DO of Eséka whom I know well and he made me understand that the personal belongings of the victims were kept in a train station in Eséka. But until today, we have no news.”

 “We are not asking the Government, let alone Camrail, to give us any money. For even if they were to give us fifteen millions, it would be nothing compared to our brother whom we have lost. The only thing we want is that the truth be said and that such a tragedy does not happen again, “he says.

By Sama Ernest