Grand Prix Chantal Biya: Things fall apart as 17 injured in International Cycling Tour 0

Seventeen people including 15 cyclists, one driver and one race commissioner were injured after a coaster bus transporting international cyclists, Honore Yossi, president of Cameroon Cycling Federation said on Saturday.

The accident occurred early Saturday at a place called “Memiam” on the Mbalmayo-Zoetele highway, Yossi said.

“The 17 victims were immediately transported by ambulances of the caravan to Mbalmayo District Hospital where they were placed under the care of doctors and nurses. No one died. The victims sustained minor injuries,” Yossi said.

He said, the incident will not interrupt the competition.

“The teams from Rwanda and Burkina Faso have left the hospital and are now observing in Yaounde. The Ivoirians have decided to continue the race. The competition continues for the other runners,” Yossi said.

The 18th edition of the International Cycling Tour of Cameroon dubbed Grand Prix Chantal Biya started on Wednesday. 10 teams from Europe and Africa are taking part in the competition that ends on September 30.

The tour is organized by Cameroon Cycling Federation under the supervision of International Cycling Union.

Source: Xinhuanet