Hail to the courageous and persistent Southern Cameroonians 0

Hail to the courageous and persistent Ambazonians who continue the ghost town strategy even when everybody would like to celebrate the win of the Africa Cup on the streets! No! Now is not the time to focus on sports, now is the time to focus on survival of the whole homeland, the whole People of Ambazonia. Either you stand up now altogether or you become extinct. The independent Nation of Ambazonia aka “Southern Cameroons” is threatened by genocide and has suffered unspeakable treatment by the illegitimate dictatorial regime of Cameroun aka Exploitation-Colony-of-France for tooooo long.

The ghost town form of maximum passive resistance must continue at any cost to put more and more pressure on Mista Biya on his cronies and on all international parties which may still think that Anglophones are just an internal problem in Cameroon. No! The Anglophones are not the problem, they are the solution! The real problem is with the Francophones, who crawl in the the arse of French and other foreign corporations to profit from exploitation of their own fellow Cameroonians. And what the French are doing with Cameroun, like a rapist with its victim, Yaoundé is doing with Ambazonia.

 It’s only about robbing robbing robbing. That’s why they don’t allow any weapons for the Ambazonians to defend themselves and control their own resources by themselves. Nevertheless, right now, it is favorable to stay with all forms of passive resistance until an exile government of Ambazonia is formed which will drive a worldwide peaceful campaign for the support of the buildup of a modern, independent, entrepreneurial, prosperous, free Ambazonia in which the People can vote for their own State’s name and new, much better Constitution per Referendum. But to make it happen, we need everyone of you, each and every single one, to help keeping the resistance spirit in the suffering population alive and to promote the convincing of the Francophones also, that they shall support the Ambazonians in their quest for independence, because once achieved, that would be the most potential way to help the Francophones as well to get rid of that corrupt and outdated Biya regime and French robbery post colonialism. So please, try to call as many people in the homeland as you can and keep them informed and highly spirited.

 The Ambazonian Diaspora is feverishly working on all diplomatic and guerilla and media campaign fronts to make the world convinced that it is driving far far better with free Ambazonia than with enslaved Cameroon! You will see, independence, freedom, prosperity, own government, own army, own currency, own modern constitution, all this will come, if you only remain persistent and network with the homeland like one man with one agenda and one command structure! Every Ambazonian, every “Southern Cameroonian” has to become a warrior for independence now! Ambazonians and Cameroonians are the creme de la creme of Africa and they will get their long deserved freedom!