Harsh vengeance awaits Minister Atanga Nji in Southern Cameroons 0

An Ambazonia commander in the Northern Zone has censured French Cameroun government’s plan of holding the so-called regional elections in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, saying French Cameroun surrogate Minister Paul Atanga Nji will face harsh revenge from Southern Cameroonians in the near future.

In an audio aired in the Nkwen language, the Amba commander observed that the disgraceful moves by Paul Atanga Nji and other pro Yaoundé Southern Cameroons political elites with ties with the ruling CPDM gang is a big folly and devoid of any legitimacy and will receive appropriate responses from Ambazonia Restoration Forces in Ground Zero.

The Southern Cameroons commander added that the regional elections which has been engineered by French Cameroun political elites and their hated and unwise head of state Paul Biya, seeks to impose continuous humiliation on Southern Cameroonians, an unprecedented plunder of Southern Cameroons resources and assets, and ensure security for the occupying French Cameroun administrators and military officials. But he added that it would never achieve its vicious goal.

The commander appealed to Vice President Yerima to boost the power and determination of Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora and in Ground Zero for the struggle to attain its full potential capabilities and subsequently remove the cancerous tumor of La Republique du Cameroun from the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

The commander warned all Southern Cameroons puppet traditional rulers against participating in the regional elections that is intended to pave the way for French Cameroun regime’s absolute control of Southern Cameroons.

The Southern Cameroons Self Defense chief emphasized that Amba fighters would take harsh revenge on men like Atanga Nji who bring oppression, terror, violence, war, and insecurity to Southern Cameroons.

By Fon Lawrence in Bamenda