IG strongly condemns any holding of Regional Elections in Southern Cameroons 0

The Southern Cameroons Interim Government has strongly condemned La Republique du Cameroun’s move to organize regional elections describing it as an act of provocation to the Ambazonian people.

“The Ambazonia Interim Government strongly condemns the French Cameroun ruling regime’s move in Southern Cameroons” the resistance exiled Southern Cameroons government said in a statement on Friday.

The IG statement pointed out that the regional elections are a framework of a policy pursued by mercenary elements from Southern Cameroons, who are traitors to their homeland.

Ilaria Allegrozzi a Senior Central Africa Researcher at Human Rights Watch, focusing primarily on Cameroon has also reported that violence is continuing unabated in Southern Cameroons with the French Cameroun military enforcing “Operation Bamenda Clean”.

All Southern Cameroons groups have unanimously denounced the announced regional elections as completely unacceptable to the oppressed Ambazonian nation.

By Isong Asu