IMF says Cameroon is a fragile and conflict affected state 0

Cameroon’s recovery has continued, despite security concerns and external risks, including tight global financial conditions and increased oil price volatility.

Cameroon is a fragile and conflict affected state, with drivers of fragility ranging from insurgency and conflicts along its borders and in neighboring countries, to poor governance, social exclusion, and climate change.

Nevertheless, economic prospects remain positive in the medium term, provided reforms continue, and the external environment is supportive.

The three-year arrangements under the Extended Credit Facility (ECF) and the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) approved in July 2021 amount to SDR (Special Drawing Rights) 483 million (about US$689.5 million, or 175 percent of quota). Completion of the fourth review will allow a disbursement of SDR 55.2 million (about US$73.3 million).

Culled from the IMF