Improper waste management is giving University of Buea a bad name 0

Waste disposal is a massive problem in Cameroon and this issue is gradually making its way into the University of Buea.

While the University of Buea authorities are doing their utmost to keep the university clean, those doing business around the university are not helping university authorities in their efforts.

Some of the suspects who are not playing by university cleanliness rules are some documentation business operators who dispose of wastes in an open space in the university of Buea campus because of the unavailability of trash cans.

Garbage, mostly paper and plastic, continues to accumulate around the UB campus, making the area a breeding ground for mosquitoes and a sore eye to students and visitors.

It has become a huge discomfort to many students who go there for the services of these business owners. Some students visiting the business locations reported that they had been bitten by mosquitoes when they went there to either print or photocopy their documents.

The University of Buea, which is a citadel of learning in Cameroon, is supposed to be a sight for sore eyes and an example to other institutions in country, but the irresponsible acts by people who do not care about the environment and human health are robbing the University of its Status as the beacon of hope and responsibility.

If due to financial constraints the university cannot provide these business operators with garbage bins, the university can oblige them to dispose of their garbage in the best possible way to spare the university the embarrassment it is being exposed to.

Keeping the university clean is a shared responsibility and students and those who operate businesses on and around the campus should pull their fair share of the weight when it comes to keeping the university clean.

A clean environment speaks well    of a university and it is incumbent upon the university community to make UB the real place to be.

By Cecilia Manjang