In Mamfe, Another French Cameroun Mayor is elected 0

The ills of one of Southern Cameroons desperate town deepened today with the election of 32-year old   Tabenchong Robertson Ashu, as the new Mayor of Mamfe. All 20 councilors of the ruling CPDM crime syndicate with charges of corruption, taking bribes from Market women and okada riders and financing pro Yaoundé armed militias in Manyu took part in the voting process that was teleguided by Chief Tabetando and Minister Mengot.

Mayor Tabenchong Robertson Ashu has now replaced his late brother Mayor Ojong Priestly who was murdered recently via a combined action staged by the Cameroon government army and an armed militia group sponsored by Yaoundé CPDM barons. Both Tabenchong and the late Ojong Priestly hail from Eshobi Village and are from the same family.

The two Eshobi men were jointly involved in a rolling Cameroon Concord News Group investigation into illegal petrol dealing from Nigeria and official corruption and are noted for giving beer to underage girls in exchange for sex.

Cat calls have greeted the choice of Tabenchong Robertson as mayor following strong allegations from senior title holders that he was in the military vehicle that was transporting the late mayor at the time of the so-called Amba attack. But he reportedly came out unhurt.  

 A source deep within the ruling party hinted this reporter that Chief Tabetando gave standing instructions that Eshobi must finish their tenure at the head of the Mamfe council.

By Kingsley Betek in Mamfe