In Southern Cameroons, at the request of General No Pity, Fon of Bambalang arrested 0

His Majesty Yakum Kevin Teuvih, President of the North-West Fons Conference is reportedly in Amba drag-net, Cameroon Intelligence Report has gathered from security sources in Bamenda.

Fon Yakum Teuvih was arrested by Ambazonia Revolutionary Guards inside his Bambalang Palace at about 5:30 pm on Tuesday, December 7, 2021 and he is currently being interogated over his close ties with the Francophone dominated Cameroon government military deployed to Southern Cameroons.

Bambalang palace spokesperson said Fon Yakum Teuvih was performing some traditional rituals when the Ambazonia Self Defense forces raided the palace.

A senior Ambazonia official hinted Cameroon Intelligence Report that the Fon’s arrest was ordered by “General No Pity” who himself hails from Bambalang.

Fon Yakum Teuvih who also moonlights as Vice President of the North-West Regional Assembly was elected into the North-West House of Chiefs on December 6, 2020 and has ever since been very vocal against the Ambazonia resistant movements.

Ambazonia Revolutionary Guards often carry out detention raids against Southern Cameroonians in Ground Zero who continue to represent the interest of the Biya French Cameroun regime.

In French Cameroun, more than 3,000 Southern Cameroonians are reportedly held in jails, Douala, Dschang and Yaounde.  Several Southern Cameroonians have been incarcerated under the practice of administrative detention, which allows holding English speaking Cameroonians inmates without trial or charge. Some Southern Cameroons prisoners of concience have been held in administrative detention for up to five years.

By Sama Ernest