Indomitable Lions: FIFA threat hangs over Cameroon 0

A FIFA threat is hanging over Cameroon following the FECAFOOT – Ministry of Sports contention.

A source close to both the FIFA and FECAFOOT has hinted that FIFA is contemplating a 3-year ban on Cameroon if the government’s interference does not stop.

It should be recalled that the world governing body had released a statement on May 6, 2024, on this situation calling on both parties to respect agreements which had been signed, underscoring that the appointment of a technical team was FECAFOOT’S prerogative.

Meanwhile, a FIFA delegation is expected in Yaounde by midday today to discuss the situation which has divided the country and brought shame to the government.  The delegation, according to our source, will be meeting with the feuding parties.

It is expected that with the arrival of the FIFA delegation, the hatchet will be buried once and for all.

Cameroon is a great footballing nation which brings a lot of fanfare to footballing events organized within and outside the continent. Banning Cameroon will rob the world of that fanfare.

By Besong Eunice Nchong with files