Interim Government clarifies Ambazonia position on French Cameroun interrogation of President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe 0

Fellow Ambazonians,

I come to you this evening alarmed after the Interim Government was dependably informed that at 5 pm today, Penn Terrence Kahn, an Ambazonian prisoner of conscience, serving a 12 years jail term in the Yaoundé central prison was invited to the superintendent’s office for a five hour interrogation without lawyers.

At 6 pm, President Julius Ayuk Tabe, Barrister Blaise Shufai and Barrister Elias Eyambe were also taken out of the Kondengui Principal Prison by French Cameroun Gendarmes to an unknown destination.

French Cameroun authorities must be aware of the measures and guidelines put in place by the WHO to combat the spread of the coronavirus. As a government, we notified the French Cameroun regime that the health and integrity of our leaders is of paramount importance at this moment of a global pandemic and any transgression from them upon our leaders will be against international law and practices and as nation, we shall deal with this unlawfulness robustly.

We notified our legal team instantly and they will be visiting both prisons tomorrow to ascertain the facts.

In the meantime,we are pleased to inform you that President Ayuk Tabe and the other Ambazonian leaders are back in their cells this evening after taken to the office of the court administrator to explain why their appeal hasn’t been heard.

We want to thank you all for your patience during the last five hours. We advise that you maintain all the procedures put in place in Ambazonia and in your countries of residence to combat the COVID-19.

Thanks for your patience and God Bless Ambazonia

Vice President

Dabney Yerima