Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Amabazonia Press Briefing 0

Item 1: Atrocities in Wum, Menchum County:
On Monday the 3rd of June 2019, we were stunt by a video on social media. It clearly showed the Cameroon military coordinating and inciting an armed gang of young men in Wum, Menchum County. These armed men purporting to represent the Bororo community, attacked their neighbours, the local Aghem people. They claimed these were revenge for previous attacks on their community in Naikom village by our Restoration Forces.
Eyewitnesses also report of soldiers from the Cameroon military base in Wum providing backup for the revenge attacks.

First of all, I want to extend our heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims of the Naikom village shooting and the Wum attacks. We must state that Cameroon soldiers who were on video fomenting thisattacks, and whom went on videotape the victims of the attack, were hailed by their Governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique. We strongly condemn his actions!

This is clearly an attempt by the French neocolonial regime in Cameroun to kindle intercommunal violence in our communities. This is an effort to change the narrative of a war of extermination being waged against Ambazonians for matching on the streets with peace plants to demand their fundamental rights.

We saw this kind of escalation of provocation by the French neocolonial regime in Ivory Coast in 2011. In that country, French neocolonial pro-Ouattara forces went out of their way in Duekoue to make parents watch them chop off their children’s heads, in a desperate effort to trigger intercommunal violence. It worked in Ivory Coast but we must make sure it doesn’t work in Ambazonia.

Our mainly Muslim Borroro Brothers and Sisters have lived together in harmony with our predominantly Christian Aghem people for hundreds of years. These communities have intermarried and share several cultural values and practices.

As your Interim Government, we call for maximum restraint and vigilance from all in the affected communities.

We have reached out to Muslim and Christian leaders in Wum. This is their message for all of us especially our fellow compatriots in and around Wum – ‘Ambazonia is a country for all faiths living peacefully one with the other’.
We wish a blessed Eid to all Muslims and pray Allah accepts the Ramadan worship.

Item 2: Updates on SONARA Incident and Health Risk

We wish to express our gratitude to the Ambazonia Comrade in the ranks of the occupation regime who quickly publish on social media the preliminary measures from the smoke coming from the refinery after the fire, saving our people from the hazards of exposure.

We have confirmed the human and environmental risk, and restate the recommendations of the preliminary measures as advised:

• our children in and around Victoria should stop bathing under the rain. • we should stop harvesting and drinking rainwater in the near future. •we should avoid drinking any surface water like wells and streams for now. •those living really close to the refinery should try to use facemask

The crude oil that is burning now is said to contain Hydrogen Sulphide, Benzene, Phenols, Nitrates , Sulphates and Carbonates which burns to oxides (NOx, SOx and COx ). The oxides dissolves in rain to form Nitrous and Notric acid, Sulphurous and Sulphuric acid, and Carbonic acids.

The resulting acid rain as its known, is very caustic and corrosive. It will affect human bodies if bathed with it and can cause permanent lung damage if breath in. The probability of wounds is highly likely. If consumed it will reduce the pH of our body since it is acidic. Please advise and educate your neighbors.

As the situation develops, your Interim Government will do all it can to keep you and your family updated with critical information.

Item 3: Response Regarding UN Security Council Briefing

Much to our consternation, yesterday 4 June, 2019, at the UN Security Council Briefing, the former prime minister of the French neo-colonial regime of Lansana Conté in Guinea and current Special Representative and Head of the UN Regional Office for Central Africa (UNOCA) François Fall, continued in his shameful tradition of cover ups and championing of French neo-colonial policies in Central Africa, particularly the Cameroon regime.

An open letter from leading Human Rights Organizations called on “the Security Council to formally add Cameroon to its agenda as a regular stand-alone item,” following the ever growing ”…violence, especially abuse by [Cameroon]state forces…”, and for “[t]he Cameroon government [to] allow unhindered access to international and national human rights organizations”. We want to express our full support for the demands in this letter.

Human Rights and democracy are so unimportant to Mr. Falls he did not used both words in his speech to the council. Instead he droned ceaselessly about stability.

To the Potemkin institutions and total lack of commitment to solving the Ambazonia-Cameroon conflict described by the US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs to congress a few days ago, Mr. Falls said He “took note of efforts by the Cameroon government to find a lasting solution to the Crisis…” and asked the UN to fund the Potemkin institutions.

Mr. Falls claimed the situation has improved. His evidence being “a number of high profile visits and public statements .” Except this public statements are by Dion Ngute the new prime minister. In previous security council briefings Mr. Falls had indicated that similar pointless statements by the former prime minister Yang were signs of progress.

Fall goes on to repeat the pointless talking point of the Cameroon regime, that the world should allow the regime to find a solution by itself even as he ignored UNOCHA’s April 2019 report of more than 4.3 Million people affected by the conflict.
We want to add our voice to that of sixteen major human rights organisations and civil society organizations who signed the 7 February, 2019, petition, calling on the UN to Mandate an International Independent Fact Finding Mission to stop the killings, establish the facts on the ground and begin the process of ending the conflict.

Item 4: We Unequivocally Stand with our Political Prisoners in their fight against Isolation by the Cameroon Regime

I want to end this briefing with an emphasis on our firm stand with our Ambazonia political prisoners in their resistance to isolation efforts by the Cameroon regime via efforts to transfer individual prisoners to unknown destinations. Like the failed efforts to Transfer 62 years old Pa Ngwa Ngaling Joseph to Mbalmayo.


Vice President

Dabney Yerima