International Conference on the Armed Conflict in Southern Cameroons: Complete report to be out soonest 0

Over 1200 delegates accredited the conference. Over 72,000 people engaged via online streaming.

International guest speakers included a former head of state, former ambassadors and active parliamentarians from 7 different countries in Africa, the U.S.A and Europe. 

28+ panelists from across the globe contributed on 5 different panels on key topics relevant to the armed conflict in Southern Cameroons.

Over 820 Southern Cameroon experts registered, while over 500 actively participated in the 7 Working Groups created by the CDN.

The Working Groups sub areas included: Education, Peace and Security, Health and Humanitarian, Judiciary and constitutional affairs, Economic reconstruction, Governance, Mediation and Negotiations.

Over 3700 Southern Cameroonians from around the world, but with a majority from Southern Cameroons took part in a historic survey that highlighted the political and governing preferences for Southern Cameroonians.

In the coming days the Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiations will be making public a complete report of the conference.