International money transfers disrupted for several days in Cameroon 0

International money transfers have been severely disrupted for several days in Cameroon. Some local media reports have blamed the situation on the Yaounde regime’s efforts at stifling the Anglophone uprising. However, Cameroon Concord News understands the International money transfer operators such as Western Union and Money Gram have refused to be taxed on their commissions.

Since 2015, the Cameroon finance law requires that operators’ levies on transfers be taxed. The Cameroonian representatives of these products, who strongly oppose the 2015 rules and regulations, have therefore decided to suspend the activity. A journalist with a sister publication Cameroon Intelligence Report hinted that the operators have not reached an agreement with their international partners.

However, although there has been a law since 2015 and the implementing legislation has been delayed due to administrative burdens, commission fees received by local operators have never been taxed for transfers to the EU.

By Chi Prudence Asong