Ireland: Fundraiser planned to help Southern Cameroons Refugee Families 0

A Southern Cameroons Committee is spearheading a fundraising drive to bring help to Ambazonian refugee families and internally displaced persons in West Cameroon and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  Committee member Lylian Fotabong says the goal is “No matter how small every little cent helps”. In an effort to hit their fundraising target, the committee has organized a fundraising gala, to be held in the Glen Abbey Complex, Belgard Road, Cookstown, Dublin 24 on the 2nd of June 2018.

The program, which includes a speech by representatives of the Southern Cameroons resistance in Ireland, begins at 8 p.m and will be directed and animated by DJ Valdoval and DJ Pozo. Tickets are 10 Euro per person.

Speaking to our Cameroon politics expert, a representative of the Southern Cameroons Community in Ireland who sued for anonymity, said the money raised would be used to help the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia cover relocation expenses for families in Nigeria, those that have migrated to French Cameroun including the families that are in the forest.

“As Southern Cameroonians, we sense the call to be living instruments of our new born nation in saving even one Ambazonian family. “All the while these families languish in Nigeria which is not their ancestral own – or on occasion are forcefully sent back into the war zone by the Fulani leader in Abuja. Life shouldn’t be a horror movie,” he added.

Lylian Fotabong the host of the June 2nd event was quoted as saying that first, Southern Cameroonians in Ireland have to obtain the money. Then they’ll contact the Acting President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, Dr. Samuel Sako to say they’re ready to help Southern Cameroonian families fleeing the conflict because they have sufficient funds to do so.

Recently in London, Ambazonia’s Communication Secretary, Hon. Chris Anu observed that the huge obstacle right now is raising sufficient funds to keep the self-defense groups operating in their respective counties. A Southern Cameroons leader in Belfast opined during an Ambazonian forum that “We’re finding that people are generous, but they’re probably holding on a little more than they used to in the past due to the activities of a criminal gang headed by one Cho Ayaba.”

By Sessekou Asu Isong

Cameroon Concord News Group

UK/Northern Ireland