Ireland: Paul Uzo- How hopeful is the New Irish Independent candidate of Swords? 0

Native and New Irish will all be joining a bandwagon soonest for fear of missing out, and it seems the population of Swords are no different! The Paul Uzo Campaign played on this with their amusing Campaign Flyer that was made public today, the 19th of February 2019.

Independent candidates have a great reputation among Irish voters and they will certainly make an impact in Swords. Paul Uzo is the New Irish running in Swords and has promised to go above and beyond any set objectives in serving the people of Swords.

The upcoming council elections will provide the people of Swords the needed opportunity to find a way to get local leaders like Paul Uzo to deliver for the community.

The people of Swords love honesty and by extrapolation, councilors with integrity!! Paul Uzo embodies all of that and is telling them exactly what they’re signing up for if they chose to give him their Number 1 Vote.

The people of Swords in Ireland love to be a part of something useful! This explains why Paul Uzo Campaign was built on 6 simple facts:

1-There is mounting concern about the increase of antisocial activity of Youth Gangs in the county.

The people of Swords can rely on Paul to work tirelessly to bridge the Gap between disaffected youth and the community.

2-You are concerned about the rise in burglaries in Swords

Paul Uzo will encourage Community Policing and cooperation with the Gardai

3-What about Jobs?

Some New Irish and Native Irish who have been out of jobs for a period of time feel less confident to go back to work.

Paul will work with our Local Enterprise Office (LEO) and other local bodies to create local employment opportunities and special assistance to the unemployed in seeking out and applying for employment.

4-You need more sporting facilities

Paul will champion the demand for the creation of new sporting facilities in the county for all sporting codes


Swords are badly in need of a strong voice in social cohesion. As a great team player Paul Uzo will work on your behalf. Paul will build a stronger bridge to strengthen the relationship between the local council and the general public irrespective of ethnicity by encouraging meaningful engagement with the local community, resident association to include all citizens and immigrants.

6-Show compassion with children with special needs

Paul Uzo will work together with other stake holders to foster more awareness and encourage local bodies and school boards to provide more special needs assistants to ensure those that actually need it are provided and assisted with an education to achieve their full potential.


Living with his wife and children in Swords, County Dublin for over 14 years, Paul Uzo has always been very active within his local community and with community organisations throughout North County Dublin, serving on many committees.

Paul has a professional background in Retail having studied Financial and Legal Services with Whitehall College and International Sales with Dublin Business School.

Paul has worked in a professional capacity as a Department Manager with the major fast fashion retailer PENNEYS (Primark) for over 12 years. In mid 2018, Paul made the decision to diversify his skill set by changing career and working with those affected by homelessness and in need of emergency accommodation.

        Just some of the organisations Paul Uzo has worked with;

        *Fingal Public Participation Network

          Fingal Public Participation Network (FPPN)-Fingal’s framework for public engagement

        *Royal Friends Club Ireland

          Royal Friends Club is a community based philanthropic society

        *The African Chaplaincy of the Archdiocese of Dublin

           Working closely with communities throughout the Diocese of Dublin

         *Anambra Irish Professional Association (AIPA)

            Professional think-tank highlighting opportunities between Ireland and Anambra State

          *Christmas Day Dinner, RDS Dublin

             Providing over 3,500 meals on Christmas day for the poor and homeless of Dublin City

Paul is an active member of his Residents Association and with his Community Centre in River Valley Swords. He is also involved with the Tidy Towns and Cleaner Communities initiatives.

Paul has been invited on a number of occasions to speak with parents and communities concerned with the rise in anti-social incidents between rival groups of young people in the Fingal area. Identifying probable causes and developing realistic solutions.

Paul Uzo’s dedication, drive and commitment not to mention his professional and personal experience places him at the higher end of suitability to serve the people of Swords and Fingal.

Looking forward to representing the community of Fingal in a more influential and official capacity in 2019.


By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai in Swords, Ireland