Israeli Technology Helps Fight Cholera Epidemic in Cameroon 0

The Israeli company NUFiltration (NUF) that specializes in water purification and filtration systems is implementing its unique patent to help fight a cholera epidemic that is affecting Cameroon. The water systems will be supplied under the auspices of the Israeli Agency for International Development Cooperation (MASHAV) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel.

In Cameroon there is currently a major crisis due to the spread of cholera that is affecting many water sources and turning them into sources of the disease. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel through MASHAV and the ambassador of Israel in Cameroon, Ran Gidor, decided to take the initiative to help Cameroon in the current crisis.

For this, they contacted the Israeli company NUFiltration, which developed innovative special water purification systems. Through its system, the purification is done manually and without the need for a source of electrical energy or special chemicals. The system can work anywhere and can supply 8 liters of high-quality drinking water in a minute, managing to meet the needs of about 500 people in one day.

The NUF water purification system is registered as an original worldwide patent in which the water is purified through a medical filter used in the dialysis process.

In recent months, NUF technology has even been used by UN agencies to be used in two UN camps in Congo and Mali.

The technology used in NUF was invented by Prof. Yoram Lass, former Director General of the Ministry of Health of Israel and former congressman of the Israeli Labour Party. Mino Negrin, an entrepreneur and entrepreneur who has been active in the area of water purification for years, bought the patent and founded the company NUFiltration to develop the product and take it to different parts of the world.

Source: Jerusalemonline