Israelis protest against corruption-tainted Netanyahu in Tel Aviv 0

Thousands of Israelis have taken to the streets of Tel Aviv to vent their anger at the regime corruption, calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to step down. Israeli media estimated that about 10,000 people turned out for the protest dubbed the “March of Shame” in Tel Aviv on Saturday. Similar demonstrations also took place in other Israeli cities.

Saturday’s rally was part of the weekly events sparked by corruption allegations against Netanyahu, who has been questioned in two cases and is suspected of being involved in bribery, fraud and breach of trust. Around 20,000 Israelis join the demonstration against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv, holding up signs reading “Crime Minister.”

Protesters held banners reading, “Crime Minister,” “Neither left, nor right (we demand) integrity,” “We are fed up with corrupt (politicians)” and “Sweep the corrupt away.” They further shouted slogans such as “Corporate power, organized crime,” “We won’t stop until Bibi resigns,”  “The people demand legal justice,” “Shame-Mafia” and “Bibi go home.”

Demonstrator Mira Levni said the Israelis “don’t like … the behavior of our leaders.” “I came to protest this unbelievable racist and corrupt regime. We are going to keep coming to protest until Netanyahu goes down,” said another demonstrator, Yigal Shtayim.

Another participant, Sigal Aviv, stressed that in addition to graft, the event was meant to denounce the Tel Aviv regime’s policies such as occupation and mistreatment of refugees.

“Our idea is to voice that this demonstration should include other issues, not only the issue of corruption, the corruption is only the symptom, it’s not the disease, the disease is the occupation, the disease is the way the regime treats refugees, the way it treats lower class people in Israel,” she said.

Netanyahu is suspected of having received luxury gifts from businessmen overseas in Case 1000. He is also being investigated in Case 2000 for an alleged media bribery scheme to help Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper against its competitor Israel Hayom in return for favorable coverage of the premier.


Source: Presstv