Jacky Biho, Sam Fan Thomas to run SONACAM 0

Cameroun has created a new corporation to manage authors’ rights. The organization has been named the Cameroon National Copyright Corporation (SONACAM). State radio and television reported that an executive bureau was also elected headed by the renowned Sam Fan Thomas.

The elections that held on Saturday the 9th of September 2017 also witnessed a major electoral victory for popular names such as Adeline Mbengkoum, Moussa Haissam, Ottou Marcelin, Calvino, Adeline Mbengkoum, Majoie Ayi, Sergeo Polo and of course the beautiful Jacky Biho. Some musicians of the new generation such as the likes of Salatiel, Duc-Z, One Love, Lab’l were also included in the executive.

Legendary artists Manu Dibango, Eko Roosevelt and Georges Seba were elected as honorary presidents. According to the statutes of SONACAM, the executive has a three year mandate renewable once. The Minister of Arts and Culture, Narcisse Moulle Kombi who chaired the first general assembly of SONACAM installed the elected bureau and urged them to work for the interest of artists. A total of 2,400 of the 3655 artists registered in the national musicians’ database signed up for the Cameroon National Copyright Corporation (SONACAM).

Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai with files from CRTV