Journalist Martinez Zogo Affair: CPDM break-dance on display 0

The investigating judge in the journalist Martinez Zogo case at the Yaoundé Military Court has reportedly issued two contradictory statements with 24 hours.  Cameroon Intelligence Report gathered that Justice Sikati II Kamwo Florent Aimé, is apparently under pressure from some powerful members of the ruling CPDM crime syndicate.

The Francophone judge made public a decision on Friday December 1, 2023 for the release of the so-called media-business tycoon Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga and Léopard Maxime Eko Eko, head of Cameroon’s counter-espionage service.

We understand that the lawyers for these two disgraced personalities, who have been held for nine months in Yaoundé’s Maximum Security Prison in Kondengui for complicity in the kidnapping and torture of Martinez Zogo, were meeting with the sitting Clerk at the Military tribunal to commence with the process of releasing their clients when a new document appeared on social media networks denying the release of Eko Eko and Amougou Belinga.

Justice Sikati II Kamwo Florent Aimé wrote “I have the honor of informing you that the release order circulating on social networks this afternoon is not authentic. Any decisions in these proceedings will be taken at the appropriate time.”  A document was also sent to the management of the Kondengui prison, asking the chief warden not to carry out any release order.

Léopold Maxime Eko Eko and his partner in crime believed they had obtained an order for release and their family members had announced a week-long celebration. However, the current CPDM break dance means both men will remain in custody.

It seems that there is a tug-of- war going on around this tragedy which occurred in January 2023. 16 suspects have been in pre-trial detention for around nine months.

By Rita Akana in Yaoundé