Justice Ayah says “3 hungry boys PAP” is a Kumba affair!!! 0

The National Chairman of the Popular Action Party, PAP, Lord Justice Ayah Paul Abine has described the Kumba faction of the defunct People’s Action party as miserable “3 hungry boys”. He also observed that actors involved in the SCNC liberation struggle were mainly interested in positions and have deliberately lose sight of their mission and vision.

Asked if PAP is now in two factions, the outspoken Supreme Court Judge said “We have change the name of PAP from People’s Action Party to Popular Action Party. If you are talking about PAP in a different context I don’t know about it.” Quizzed on when and why it was change, the Lord Justice noted “We hold meetings in private, in public and behind closed doors. We are not under any duty to explain to people where we held the meeting to take this or that decision. Otherwise you would soon ask me when and why we held the meeting to annul the so-called document that Kumba is brandishing”.

The man of law added that “in accordance with our constitution, the important thing the law requires is that when there is such a change we notify the government having such jurisdiction and we did that in March 1st 2016”. Justice Ayah in a typical Fru Ndi-Biya style revealed that  “I have a list of at least 22 political parties that have change their names since the advent of multi-party system and nobody has dare to ask or explain why the change of name . CNU became CPDM. We have no reason to change names. If there are any reason then there are entirely intern, not for public consumption. We decided that popular is better than people and within our context so it stays.”

Questioned on the alleged embezzlement of party funds by the so called  “3 hungry boys” in Kumba, Ayah fired back saying,  “I am not here to make a statement on account, when I would want to make a statement of account of PAP I will called a national meeting.”  To him no political party in Cameroon today is as democratic as the Popular Action Party, PAP.  He recounted how his business and savings collapsed because of PAP.  “There is no member of PAP apart from those who contested the elections who have spent a million FCFA for the party,” Ayah wept.

He explained that the party doesn’t function like the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement which takes money from the state coffers without any legal process and rights. He smartly answered a teaser that being member of the Supreme Court doesn’t conflict with being a member of a political party”, against what the Kumba “3 hungry boys” had claimed. Reacting on the SCNC matter Hon Ayah observed that the movement has lost its sense of direction and was baseless in its fight for liberation.

He was defiant in his statement that there was no legal document on the Southern Cameroons and La Republique’s reunification. He noted that the wise men commission established sometime ago by President Paul Biya to fact find the documents binding Cameroon’s reunification had bear no fruits till date. To this it was eloquent testimony and proves of the undeniable fact that no re-unification ever took place between the two Cameroons.

Victor Bama Cham (CIR)