Justice Minister Laurent Esso under attack for squalid backing of Biya regime’s handling of the Anglophone Crisis 0

The Biya Francophone regime has voted into law a Common Law Section within the Judicial Chamber of the Supreme Court. The bill was adopted in the Senate on the 4th of July 2017 in two readings. The controversial and anti Anglophone Minister of State in charge of Justice, Laurent Esso said that the project would make the Cameroonian law uniform.

The creation of the Common Law Section within the Judicial Chamber of the Supreme Court was defended in Parliament by Minister Laurent Esso. The bill was passed by the Senators on second reading. Senator Sonken, who asked for clarification on the bill, questioned the raison d’être behind the killing of innocent Southern Cameroonians and arresting hundreds in order to accept a project such as the Common Law Section in the Supreme Court.

Laurent Esso reportedly with too much blood in his hands remained defiant and said that the establishment of the Common Law Section within the Supreme Court was not made to resolve the problems raised in the context of the Anglophone crisis. He arrogantly observed that it is rather a section that is part of the reform process instituted by the President of the Republic in 2015.

Esso dabbled in a typical Francophone pattern and noted that “This bill addresses concerns that may become real problems tomorrow. It is not an adjustment of Anglophone law or Francophone law but a standardization of Cameroonian law.”

By Sama Ernest
Cameroon Concord News