Kah Walla denounces the deployment of state violence against Common Law Lawyers 0

Kah Walla, the national president of the Cameroon People’s Party (CPP) has declared her party’s support for the Cameroon Anglophone lawyers. The new generation opposition leader expressed displeasure over the attack by government forces against a peaceful demonstration organized by lawyers in Bamenda on the 8th of November.

The CPP leadership denounced the deployment of state violence against nonviolent protesters. As earlier reported by the Cameroon Concord News Group, the lawyers’ peaceful protest in Bamenda was greeted with tear gas and police violence that almost claimed the life of Barrister Elvis Leuma.

Cameroonians from what was previously known as British Southern Cameroons are so frustrated that many are now considering the solution of secession. Kah Walla stated that “The growth of this secessionist movement is the direct result of bad governance.”

The Cameroon Common Law Lawyers’ movement registered another massive demonstration in Buea in the Southwest region. The city witnessed a heavy deployment of security forces and troops from the gendarmerie. Our face book team received disturbing images of repression of the demonstrators.

By Sama Ernest