Kamto aide arrested as security crackdown intensifies 0

Barrister Michèle Ndoki, vice-president of the women’s wing of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC), was arrested by security forces loyal to the Biya regime on Tuesday at Idenau-a small town in the Fako County in Southern Cameroons.

Police sources hinted Cameroon Concord News Group that, the lawyer was on the run and was trying to leave Cameroon with her companion at the time of her arrest.

The lawyer was arrested at the Idenau wharf where Cameroonians board for Nigeria.” A spokesman for the MRC, Bibou Nissack confirmed the arrest and observed that she is being held under poor conditions in a detention center in Yaoundé, the nation’s capital.

A well placed source in Yaoundé revealed that Michèle Ndoki was transferred to Yaoundé and will stand trial alongside party Chairman Maurice Kamto, Alain Fogue, Albert Ndzongang and Christian Penda Ekoka .

By Rita Akana