King Salman Humanitarian Aid: Over 500 patients examined in voluntary surgical program in Cameroon 0

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) continued to implement a voluntary surgical program in Cameroon, which has so far examined more than 500 cases in different clinics.

The campaign runs from May 20 to May 31, 2023, in cooperation with Al-Baslam International Organization. Since the start of the campaign, the volunteer medical team of the KSrelief has examined 532 cases in different clinics.

KSrelief also hosted in Riyadh on Sunday the European Union Special Representative for the Horn of Africa, Annette Weber, and her accompanying delegation.

During the meeting they discussed concerns related to humanitarian and relief affairs. They also discussed ways to support humanitarian work in the Horn of Africa region.

Elsewhere, KSrelief continued implementing a project to enhance health care services for Syrian refugees and the host communities in Akkar Governorate, Lebanon.

During April 2023, 822 patients were received, and 1,464 services were provided across various clinics.

In Tajikistan, shelter aid, including blankets, heating coal and water heaters in the districts of Temurmalik, Baljuvon, Khatlon and Tojikopod, benefiting 330 individuals from the neediest groups.

Source: Arab News