Kondengui: CRTV’s Gervais Mendo Ze at death’s door 0

The family of the former general manager of the Cameroon Radio and Television, Gervais Mendo Ze has declined to say what his ailment is as the one time cabinet minister was again taken to a Yaoundé hospital late Tuesday.

A family source recently revealed that the severity of Mendo Ze’s illness had been shrouded in secrecy by the Biya Beti Ewondo regime.

The former chartered member of the ruling CPDM crime syndicate had always suffered some kind of sickness ever since he was arrested and detained at the Kondengui High Security Prison on allegations of embezzlement and fraud.

Cameroon Intelligence Report gathered that Mendo Ze had kidney problems and the latest bout of his illness is related to a heart condition.

There has been so many local media reports that Gervais Mendo Ze was on the mend but we will never really know the true extent of the illness troubling the man who now weighs barely 45 kilograms.

The French Cameroun political elite can no longer stand up, sit down on his own or lift his elbow to take a sip of water. He spends his days lying down, with a barely audible voice.

Some concerned barons of the so-called essingan clan have written to his blood relation-President Paul Biya and one of those letters carried the title “Mr. President of the Republic, remember Professor Gervais Mendo Ze”.

By Rita Akana in Yaounde