Kumbo: Cameroon gov’t military attempting to cover up killing of 4 civilians 0

The Senior Divisional Officer for Bui should promptly and thoroughly investigate the killing of four Southern Cameroonians in the town of Kiyan instead of engaging in attempts to cover up the crime, Cameroon Concord News Correspondent in Kumbo said.

On Wednesday, February 7, Cameroon government military launched an attack on an Ambazonia fighter check point in Kiyan killing four innocent civilians held by the fighters.

The Cameroon government military has since maintained a kind of deliberate silence on the incident and has reportedly put out contradictory explanations.

The Cameroon government military’s recklessness is a result of the Yaoundé authorities’ consistent failure to hold them to account for a long list of such atrocities in Southern Cameroons.

The contradictory explanations offered by the prefect of Bui so far show complete disregard for civilian lives and suggest attempts by the Biya Francophone authorities to cover-up these grave human rights violations.

By Fon Lawrence