La Republique: Adèle Mballa Atangana dropped by CRTV following on-air blunder 0

The management of the Cameroon Radio and Television, CRTV has replaced the 8:30 pm Francophone newscaster, Adèle Mballa Atangana. Mballa Atangana who also moonlights as Director of Information at Crtv-Television desk was told to get some rest yesterday Tuesday the 16th of May. CRTV insiders say she is presently depressed following a costly mistake she made during the presentation of the Monday May 15th 8:30 pm news in the French language.

Adèle Mballa Atangana announced the new members of the French government whose names were unveiled, according to her, shortly after the appointment that Monday, of Edouard Philippe to the post of Prime Minister by French President Emmanuel Macron. Some French citizens in Cameroon did inform CRTV that the new French government has not been made public . The French statement indicated that a new government was expected today Wednesday May 17, 2017. CRTV’s editorial board later on discovered that Adele Mballa Atangana was drowned by the many hoaxes circulating since Monday on the web about the first French government of the Macron era.

Adèle Mballa Atangana was replaced by Evelyne Owona Essomba who presented the 8:30 pm news on Tuesday May the 16th 2017.  CRTV is used to perpetrate crimes against Anglophones far worse than the Lake Nyos Disaster or the numerous deaths recorded on the Tiko-Douala highway. It is an instrument of mass mobilization through falsehood, corruption of the popular conscience and the deification of the 84 year old dictator who has finally destroyed the tribal tolerance miraculously put in place by the late President Ahidjo. CRTV was and is the conduit through which egregious violations and crimes of unimaginable magnitude are perpetrated against Southern Cameroonians.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai

Cameroon Concord News Group