La Republique: Government spokesman lied about decentralization 0

The Minister of Communication and governments spokesman, Issa Tchiroma Bakary says the 2015 deadline set aside for the effective transfer of competence and resources to councils has been met successfully. In a statement to the press, Tchiroma revealed that 97% of the competences listed in the law applicable to councils were honored as planned. However, Cameroon Concord News understands nothing seems to be happening deep within the councils.

The Minister said, “The process of decentralization has not been static in the last 20 years. Much effort has been made so far, I would even say that most of the path has already been covered and this process will continue and be accelerated. It is not only a constitutional prescription but also a permanent and irreversible willingness of the President of the Republic, Paul Biya. It is an essential component of his political project for the people of Cameroon of which it embodies sovereignty.”

Tchiroma blatantly refused to take questions from journalists who wondered aloud that the decentralization process has been plain fiction and the so-called success of the decentralization process as painted by the Minister was absurd.

By Sama Ernest