La Republique to create ministry of special status 0

The government of La Republique du Cameroun will, in the days ahead, create a ministry of special status to take care of the people of Southern Cameroons.

The government came to the conclusion that Southern Cameroonians were good enough to deserve a special status during the Major National Dialogue considered by Southern Cameroonians as a Major National Potluck, as it made it possible for all the country’s dishes to be served to participants at the hastily convened dialogue.

The dialogue, which is akin to the Berlin Conference, took place without the major Southern Cameroons stakeholders participating.

To ensure Southern Cameroonian journalists and activists who are critical of the government do not participate in the event, the government refused to grant general amnesty to Southern Cameroonians living abroad.

Though it offered invitations to many of the activists, the government also had an elaborate plan to arrest the activists upon arrival at country’s airports; a plan that had leaked to many activists who simply turned down the government’s invitation.

After three days of long and unnecessary deliberations, the government agents who attended the event totted by them as the idle opportunity that will bring peace to the two restive regions of the country, recommended that granting special status to Southern Cameroonians will be the ultimate solution to the crisis that is threatening to tear the country apart.

Many Southern Cameroonians are totally against the so-called special status that only emphasizes that Southern Cameroonians are inferior to their East Cameroonian counterparts.

Speaking to a disgruntled and frustrated Southern Cameroonian living in California, USA, it could be seen that he was really infuriated.

He swore that the fighting would continue until the government listened to the people.

“We still have a huge stomach for a fight. We will continue to challenge the system until we get what we want. We do not need to be treated any differently. We have the resources to take care of our two regions. A full-fledged federal system is what we want. Anything short of that will only cause things to deteriorate,” he said.

“If Mr. Biya and his people think we are joking, then they are mistaken. It is three years since some of Mr. Biya’s collaborators compared us to two cubes of sugar. Instead melting, we have been solidified and we have stood our ground. We have a huge war chest and we are still determined to take on the government. These guys thought they could roll us back in a week, but it is already three years and we are still around,” he stressed.

“We continue to be a nightmare to the Yaounde government. If they think they are doing us a favor, then they have to think hard again. This situation will continue until the government is brought down to its knees,” he stressed.

“We cannot lose all these men just to settle for the mess they call special status. The guys in Yaounde give the impression that they have not been affected by the crisis, but given the state of the country’s economy, it is clear that Southern Cameroonians have inflicted heavy losses on the beleaguered government,” he pointed out.

“CDC, PAMOL and SONARA are all out of business. These were huge revenue streams for the government, but Southern Cameroonians who have never benefitted from those companies have turned off those taps that made the government arrogant. Rebuilding those corporations will take more than money. There cannot be any real development without peace and if the government wants to bring back peace to the country, then it must meet Southern Cameroonians halfway,” he said.

“The government has made some huge mistakes and those mistakes are keeping it awake all night. Now that arms are in the equation, it will be hard for the fighters to be rolled back. The fighters now have AK47 rifles. They started with hunting rifles and they have been courageous to frustrate the government. If the government really wants to clean up the mess it helped to create, it must make huge concessions. It must bend over backwards to achieve that goal,” he stressed.

“The ball is now in the president’s court. He created the mess. He is a low-energy guy and his inefficiency and the corruption he sowed in the country are finally coming back to bite him. He declared war on us without analyzing the situation. Though we have lost many of our fighters, we have succeeded to give the government a run for its money. Cameroon will never be the same again. It has changed and will continue to change. The authorities must come to terms with that if they must have a good night’s sleep. I pray they see the writing on the wall,” he concluded.