Lagos: Oluwaseyi Elizabeth fled with her children but her sexuality still makes her a target 0

Oluwaseyi Elizabeth Bamigbola is one of the many Nigerians suffering for being a Lesbian.

Her dad asked her to explain her connection to a woman who visited her regularly at their residence. She told our correspondent in Lagos that Nigeria security agents made her unlock her phone and they went through her messages, before she was told that it is completely unacceptable to be a Lesbian in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Cameroon Concord News understands that in some parts of Nigeria, if they find out you are a lesbian, they stone you to death.

Oluwaseyi Elizabeth Bamigbola’s life took a dramatic u-turn when her dad caught her red-handed with her girlfriend, and her life changed forever. Her dad called her the ‘devil’ and blamed her for all that had gone wrong in the family.

Just like in the Republic of Cameroon, they don’t allow homosexuality in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Oluwaseyi is so scared because of her two kids and plans to leave.

A spokesperson for the Lagos Police Commissioner was quoted as saying that the Lagos State Government had made the decision to take away Oluwaseyi’s two boys from her because they said she would teach them how to be gays.

Prominent religious figures in the Federal Republic of Nigeria have reportedly advised gays and Lesbians to go as far away as possible. Oluwaseyi has been beaten many times and her two boys can’t go to school in Nigeria because they suffer abuse.

In her Lagos neighborhood, Oluwaseyi and her two kids are being single out, attacked continuously and regularly beaten.

Oluwaseyi and her two boys are discriminated against at hospitals, at water points and in the market.

By Ray James Okpu in Lagos