Lake Chad Basin Intelligence Chiefs in Yaounde 0

Security experts and military advisers from member countries of the Lake Chad basin Commission and Benin are holding a meeting in Yaoundé ahead of the Defense Chiefs of Staff and Intelligence and Securities Chiefs forum.
The experts from Cameroon, Nigeria, Chad and Benin are drafting proposals to be presented to the Ministers of Defense and Defense Chiefs of Staff of the respective counties during their forthcoming three day meeting in Yaoundé. The meeting will discuss inter alia, the security situation in the sub region.

The Commander of the Multinational Joint Task Force, reassured participants that calm has returned to the sub region after the combine forces, in conjunction with national armies flushed out all the major pockets of Boko Haram fighters. The frequency of Boko Haram attacks and suicide bombings have consequently reduced to the lowest since the Joint Multinational Force went operational.

He however stated that sporadic attacks in remote areas, with the use of improvised explosive devices and suicide bombers are still reported. The experts are also examining the humanitarian situation of persons affected by the war against Boko Haram.

The Multinational Joint Task Force remains a good example of south – south military cooperation. The force is composed essentially of soldiers from member countries and has carry out joint operations across the different countries.

Source: CRTV