Law and order is breaking down in the French Cameroun city of Douala 0

There is a complete breakdown of law and order in the French Cameroun city of Douala as individuals are killed, raped and assaulted every day in Japoma, a locality in the third district. This drama has been unfolding for several weeks but the Francophone regime in Yaoundé is maintaining a kind of deliberate silence.

A girl, who was kidnapped on leaving a bank, said she was saved after bribing a member of the gang with the money she had withdrawn from her bank account. According to a testimony from a family member of the victim who is currently in hospital, she went to make a withdrawal last Friday and the motorcycle that she boarded to return home changed direction into the bush. Feeling at risk, the young lady called for help, but no one heard her calls.

Later, she was thrown into a yellow vehicle with smoked windows including a lady in her 40s, and a girl of about 14 years old and taken to an unknown destination. They arrived an abandoned building where she revealed that she met a young lady with many other girls and even boys. Some were already dead, and the smell of their bodies filled the dark room.

According to some residents interviewed by Radio Balafon, the lack of electricity in Japoma and drugs that circulate within the area is promoting these attacks.

By Rita Akana