League 1: UMS maintains lead 0

When UMS assumed the leadership position of the league one championship, many thought it was going to be short lived especially as the club is newly promoted and has witnessed a string of dismissal of coaches. However as the championship enters the second and most decisive phase; UMS of Loum has come to prove they mean real business.

After waning on the 18th day of play when they obtained a draw, UMS bounced back on the chivalric path by obtaining the first ever victory against Cosmos of Mbam. The 3-0 victory enabled the club from Loum to conserve the top seat with 37 points, thus maintaining the three-point gap separating them from their immediate challengers, Yong Sports in the second position.

The status quo is maintained within the top quartet as runners up Yong Sports equally beat Apejes 2-1 on the 19th day of play to continue turning the heat on the league leaders. Union also maintained their dream intact of lifting the championship title by beating Eding Sport at home in Douala. Coton Sport joined the winning spree by equally outpacing Panthere of Nde 3-1 to maintain to move up one place on the classification table to occupy the 4th position on the classification table.

Unisport on the contrary lost three positions on the point tally sheet, dropping from; the second to the 5th position owing to the zero-all-tie against Astres on the 19thday of play. Teams keep on criss-crossing each other at the middle of the table with teams like Panthere dropping from the 8th to the 11th position and Racing dropping from the 7th to the 8th position.

The most spectacular rise is however that of Canon Yaounde who moved from the 11th to the 7th position thanks to her 3-1 victory over Botafogo over the weekend. There is also Aigle Royal which has moved up from the 12th to the 10th position. Dragon also gained two places moving from the 15th to the 13th position.

The situation remains unchanged at the bottom of the league table with Lion Blessé, Botafogo and Cosmos still languishing in the relegation zone. The Benjamin of the group, Cosmos continued gliding further towards the precipice after suffering an umpteenth defeat against UMS over the weekend. Lion Blessé remains the first team below the relegation line in the 16th position after bowing 0-1 to New Stars in the inaugural league one encounter at the Limbe Omnisport stadium. Botafogo also remains stagnant in the 17th position, sinking further down the drain after the 1-3 defeat to Canon.


Cameroon Tribune