Letter to Balla, Fontem and BBC 0


For the shortsighted “leaders” who negotiate their freedom with the dying Biya kleptocracy, this is myopia.

You must have the “stick-to-it-tiveness”, the grit, the perseverance and the patience to endure the pain to the end, else, you will become a relic of history.

Remember, the road to every revolution is lined with the carcasses of leaders who gave up too soon.

Hold on for one more day!. The war of Biya’s succession will soon burst the abscess! We will secure our borders when the battle for power in Yaounde, starts between the Zoetele group, the Bamilekes and the Northerners.

Biya has been preparing for this fight for more than thirty years! That is the trajectory of all pro-French dictatorships in Africa, Cameroun cannot be the exception.

Of course, it is not easy. But, giving in now, is collective suicide. He who will move a mountain, starts by moving the first stone. You have already moved the first stone. Hang in there! We are cheering you on, and praying for you.

But if you stumble…you are on your own….across the bridge, there is no more sorrow…there is no more pain….the sun will shine…and we’ll never be unhappy again, because we will be masters of our own destiny.

By Larry Eyong