Letters to the editor: Why Biya will fall 0

The 85 year old murderer and war criminal is taking the last kicks of a dying horse.  It is obvious that this disgusting animal has committed the vilest and atrocious acts in Southern Cameroons that the face of the earth has ever seen.

He has killed and tortured thousands of Ambazonian men and women and innocent children like toddlers and babies who die for no reason because this dirty animal wants to stay in power and France is also with him because they also enjoy murdering innocent Southern Cameroonians who have done absolutely nothing.

Our houses get burnt and destroyed and our children are stuck and have no way out. He will fall and he will fall in a horrible manner. The only solution to this devious catastrophe is Biya’s death.

He is almost lost and internal opposition supported by the West is growing. He must give up the position and go to Morocco!! Yes that is where all disgraced Francophone dictators go or Ambazonians will hunt him.

Paul Biya is doomed and he will eventually fall from power whether through the course of regular passing of time or by the hands of army soldiers. Biya has committed heinous crimes against his own people and the people of Southern Cameroons and he doesn’t deserve to rule over the country again. At some point or another in this 2018, he will lose his power.

By Iya Fembe Pauline

Oslo, Norway

The opinions expressed here are not that of the Cameroon Concord News Group