London: Ambazonians protest for independence of Southern Cameroon 0

Anglophone secessionists protested in the United Kingdom on Saturday, calling for the international community to come to their rescue and free Southern Cameroon in Africa.

The secessionists have been protesting since the end of 2016, arguing that they were being marginalized by majority French speaking Cameroonians in virtually all areas of public life.

But impoverished French speaking Cameroonians have reacted with dismay, saying they were as impoverished, and as neglected, as the Anglophones, by an irresponsible dictatorial regime led by one man for almost four decades.

French speaking Cameroonians in the country’s far north who are being massacred by Boko Haram terrorists without a single visit by President Biya have found Anglophones’ blames incomprehensible.

But the Anglophones have argued that Cameroon should return, not to the united nation it was under the German occupation, but to an entity of two “separate” states that it became after the first world war, when French and British colonial powers divided the country and imposed their languages and cultures.

Many French speaking Cameroonians have argued that Anglophones’ claims that Cameroon should go back to the arrangement before the reunification in 1972, should also argue that Cameroon should go back to the unified country it was under the German occupation long before the British and the French divided it following the first world war.

Those who disagree with the Anglophones, argue in effect that Cameroon existed long before the brutal occupations by French and British forces.

Those in favor of this school of thought often react with sadness that today’s generations do not seem to remember the whole history, and are choosing to protest in the United Kingdom, a bloody country that caused the mess now being experienced in many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, including Cameroon.


Source: Today News Africa