Louise Ndialle: Former US Undersecretary says schoolgirl was shot because mother refused to pay a bribe of 500 CFA francs   0

Former U.S. Undersecretary of State for African Affairs has confirmed in a tweet that it was for a matter of 500 CFA francs that the young Southern Cameroons schoolgirl was coldly murdered by a Francophone  gendarme officer of Beti-Ewondo extraction.

The horrific murder of young Louise Ndialle in the morning of Thursday, October 14, 2021 in Buea the chief city in the South West is now causing a stir beyond Cameroon’s borders. Several  senior world citizeens and personalities were moved, including the American Tibor Nagy, the former U.S. Under Secretary of State for African Affairs.

The American diplomat reacted in a tweet on Thursday, October 14, and deplored the disappearance of the young schoolgirl, who was killed, according to him, by a gendarme, for a matter of 500 FCFA. For Tibor Nagy, the horror occurred because the girl (her mother) refused to pay the gendarme this amount.

Does anyone doubt that the poor child killed in Cameroon by a gendarme was shot because they refused to pay a bribe of 500 CFA francs? Anyone on the roads of Cameroon encounters “electric gate” stops with great frequency. Shame on a government where corruption flows from all levels and kills!” tweeted Tibor Nagy.

Tibor Nagy, who has always focused on the armed conflict in Southern Cameroons, and who knows Cameroon inside out, also accuses the government of having maintained a reign of corruption, to the point where this scourge is now killing literally and figuratively.

By Rita Akana