Major Darrel Efu Egbe is installed as the new commander of the Support Battalion 0

Major Darrel Efu Egbe, 41, has taken over from another woman, Col. Dr Nga Owona Nkounou as Commander of the Command and Support Battalion. She was commissioned during a ceremony at the court yard of the headquarters of the First Joint Military region in Yaoundé.

The Military Region that covers the Centre, South and East Regions is in charge of protecting the administrative units of its zone of command. During the brief military ceremony void of speeches, the new commander was presented to the troops of the Command and Support Battalion with instructions to obey her orders in the line of duty, the execution of military orders and in respect of Cameroonian law.

Brigadier General Simon Ezo’o Mvondo, Commander of the First Joint Military region told the newly installed to revive the command and support battalion.

The senior military officer is a wife and mother of three. She holds a War College Diploma obtained in Jaji Kadouna in Nigeria. She is also holder of a Higher Diploma in International relations. She began her military career in 1988 in the Combine Service Military Academy. She graduated as a lieutenant as part of the Captain Lissia Matna batch.

Source: CRTV